Turn your view of fulfillment and satisfaction inside out and discover the deeper joy God is offering you - now.

How easily we embrace the common misconception that we must always be striving to reach that elusive "next level" in life. What we long for - in our homes, relationships, careers, and even our spiritual lives - constantly seems just beyond our reach. We struggle and strain after what we believe will fulfill us, and we end up frustrated much of the time.

In Living @ the Next Level, B. Courtney McBath turns our view of fulfillment inside out. Friendship with God is the Next Level, he explains. As God's friends, we've already arrived, and every moment we spend straining to "get there" is a missed opportunity to explore God more fully and connect with him more deeply right now.

Are you battling frustration over unmet expectations in life? Have you all but given up on your dreams? Are you tired of waiting for the life you desire to begin?

In the dynamic, practical style that characterizes his preaching, McBath offers an alternative to living in frustration and despair - learning to experience the richness of God's friendship right where you are. Following the apostle Peter along a dramatic stretch of his life's journey, McBath unpacks scriptural principles and truths that illuminate God's ability to transform the circumstances we face and to make our limitations work for our good. Through the book's Mapping Your Next Level Journey features, learn to assess where you are on your journey and to make choices about where to go from here.

This vibrant exploration of how to walk with God through life's highs and lows releases us to recognize what has been ours all along. As we journey in friendship with God, McBath reveals, we discover that we already have far more than we've ever dreamed.